Stephanie Ghaida may not say a lot about herself on a good day but one thing is certain, her music speaks for her. With thousands of new talents appearing on the music scene every week, she is unfazed and doing her thing.

Born in Lebanon but raised in Nigeria, Stephanie displayed a shine for music at a very early age. Singing a Yoruba song at her high school was just the first step to her journey.

Fast forward to 2019 and in just two years, Stephanie has achieved what many others are still struggling to. With over 593K views & streams and more than 45K followers on social media, Stephanie is without a doubt carving a niche for herself on the international music scene.

She may work hard most of the time but Stephanie loves to kick-back in her downtime and appreciate the simple things in life. As for her plans for the future, Stephanie is keen on exploring genres and collaborations as she prepares for her Album Launch. And judging from what she has in circulation already, it sure is going to be a storm.









“It’s a lot of hard work but a lot of fun. The good thing is, I get a lot of support from my family and friends. And there’s all the other people who make the music with me and my videos. It’s like a village, yeah?”

Over the years, she has crafted her own sound that borrows from her Lebanese origins and also is heavily influenced by continental and international sound. She has recorded chart-shaking music with Nigerian Afro-Pop crooner Mr. P and fast rising star Slimcase.

With many artists looking for fortune and fame, Stephanie remains grounded in her quest to express her ideals through music and affect people in a healthy and positive way. Yes, the music business comes with its own challenges but she’s working her own road.







“I love the fact that I can express myself through my music and reach out to people that could relate to it. There’s a positive energy that fans give…it’s hard to describe. But the truth is I find a lot of inspiration in the people who listen to my music. If they’re happy, I’m happy.”